Here I Am

Hello, Hello, Hello! 

I have always been a lurking artist but wasn’t brave enough to walk away from a steady paycheck.  I now am that brave artist.

Though engaged in the various genres of photography – documentary, portraiture, performing arts – I am especially drawn to maternity and birth. Each birth is a miracle.  I am eager to begin capturing the various traditions of other cultures around birthing their children.   My birth photography has so far focused on moms-to-be and their 9-month journey. Birth creates a new person – baby — while also creating a new status — family.

I am enchanted with dance. Watching a dance performance (classical ballet, in particular) and capturing the magic witnessed fills my soul. The magic of movement in both dance and birth can brings me to tears.  I photograph what touches me.

My photography aims to represent the luscious melting pot of our great nation. I want my art to tell stories to be passed down from one generation to the next … and the next … and the next.