CHOOSING ONE GENRE TO SHOWCASE. Why am I finding it so difficult to narrow down my interests?

Clearly my primary photographic love lies with maternity care.  I could document birth stories every day if the opportunity arose.  It could be birth in Labor and Delivery, c-sections in the Operating Room, births in stand-alone birth centers, and home births.  However, I am just about equally drawn to 2 other genres:  Dance and Portraiture.  Until I feel it is prudent to narrow my work down to one genre, I will continue to post work among all 3. At some point, you will notice that a decision has been made to focus on 1.  But right now I can't see that happening in the near future in light of a commitment to attend the Portrait Masters Conference in Phoenix, AZ in early September 2018 and the Havana International Ballet Festival in Cuba in late October/early November 2018.  Hopefully before both conferences, I will have documented several births.